Portland Outdoor Fitness

Portland Outdoor Fitness is a year round outdoor fitness program focused on building strength and community while training for life’s adventures. We believe that fitness should be as enjoyable as it is functional. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to establish a more active lifestyle, our programming will make you stronger, healthier, and happier, while soaking up all that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer.


Meet Coach Liz 



Well hello, Coach Liz here!

I’m a CrossFit L-1 coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and cheerleader for many. I'm also the owner and head coach here at POF!

I’m passionate about making fitness accessible and fun for everyone through strong community, challenging, customized workouts and plenty of high-fives.

Outside the park, I’m a busy mom of a joyful toddler, constantly tackling new projects with my badass husband, and working with amazing clients in prenatal and postpartum wellness.

Certifications and Education

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kids
  • BIRTHFIT Coach and Regional Director
  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach
  • DNS Exercise 1
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Meet Coach Lauren


This new-to-Portland yogi is excited to help her students explore with curiosity, feel challenged in a supported way, and be a part of a beautiful community!

In 2016, Lauren found yoga after severely over training for a marathon. Yoga and loving kindness meditation helped Lauren slow down, reconnect to her body with gratitude for all that it does, increase her emotional and mental well-being, challenge her physical and mental strength, and cultivate patience and curiosity for the process of change. Through her personal growth and healing journey, Lauren was (and continues to be) inspired by the yoga community, acknowledging that everyone has a story.

Lauren encourages body awareness, appreciation, and acceptance, meeting the body where it is with gratitude. Her goal is to help students connect to their bodies through movement and breath, believe in themselves, and feel empowered by their emotional and physical strength. She believes in the importance of creating a safe space for her students to tune in to what their body needs while being guided through movement and breath work.

Certifications and Education

  • 200 hour RYT
  • NASM certified personal trainer.




Classes are held at Alberta Park in NE Portland. We meet under the covered structure closest to Killingsworth between 19th and 22nd. 


Our Community

A bonus of small group training is the tight-knit community it encourages. Our community is diverse in interest, age, and exercise experience and surprisingly not everyone even considers themselves a morning person. But we love celebrating each other as we work towards our common goal of creating our healthiest selves. 



Small Group Training


Our outdoor bootcamp class is the core of what we do at Portland Outdoor Fitness. We keep our classes small, limited to eight people, to ensure each person gets the attention they deserve! This allows me to really know you, your goals, and how you’re feeling each day. You will not get lost in a crowded group fitness class!  

Community Events

We believe high fives and encouragement extend beyond an hour long class. Each month, we host community events from hikes to happy hours, so you get to know your #fitfam, because you can only get to know someone so well while doing burpees :).  


Nutrition & Health coaching


We believe in supporting the whole person through movement, whole food nutrition and a mindful lifestyle. You won’t find crash diets or impossible macros. We promote individualized, body-positive health through supportive, flexible and realistic coaching that looks in-depth what/how/when you eat, move, sleep, hydrate and live.