Deck o' Fun!

Today is Booty Babe, Karissa B's 30th Birthday! In honor of her special day, we are doing her favorite workout: Deck o' Fun! Don't worry--- there are plenty of birthday burpees in there :) 



Double Tabata, 16 Rounds :20/:10
Rotate through the list of movements

1. High Knees
2. Plank Hold
3. Butt Kickers
4. Hollow Hold

Karaoke at the Pool Party 

Four Rounds
Karaoke 180ft (length of basketball court and back)
40 Jump Rope
30 Scissor Kicks
20 Swimmers
10 Jump Lunges

Deck o' Fun!

AMRAP 15 Minutes
Move through as many cards as possible. 
Jacks= 11; Queens= 12; Kings=13; Aces=14

❤️ Burpee
♦️ Glute Bridge
♣️ Reverse Crunch
♠️ Broad Jump
🃏 300M Run