Do ya feel lucky?

Today, we are working on some mobility and skill work. But don't let that fool you... You'll still be sweaty and stronger by the end of these workouts! 

We have two new movements today: the traveling burpee and grasshopper. If you haven't done a traveling burpee before you can think of it like an inch worm + burpee combo. Walk your hands out into a plank position, complete a push-up, jump or step your feet to your hands. That's one! From there, walk your hands out into a plank position and repeat the steps. 

The grasshopper is a cousin of the mountain climber. Starting in that perfect plank position, drive your left knee towards your right elbow and then switch, driving your right knee towards that left elbow. Repeat as quickly as possible, while maintaining that plank position throughout the entire movement. No flying butts! 

4 Rounds NFT

8 Banded Pause Squats (hold 3 sec pause at bottom of squat)
5 Traveling Burpees
13 Banded Good Mornings
8 Walking Lunges. 

EMOM 6 Minutes

Complete both movements within one minute and rest for the duration. Switch legs each minute.

5 Single Leg Deadlifts
Shuffle 50' Down and Back

4 Rounds

150m Run
30 Grasshoppers
20 Hollow Reaches
10 Glute Bridges