It's all about mindset.

Sometimes workouts are all about the mental endurance. We've all experienced that little negative voice that creeps up as your grind through your workout. Find a mantra to silence your inner critic as you pace yourself through this challenging strength workout. 

Warm it Up!

2 Rounds

:60 Jump Rope
20 Bird Dogs
:60 Jump Rope
20 Dead Bugs

Full Body Flex

Buy-in 300M Run

Then complete four rounds of:
20 Single-Arm Thrusters
20 Toe Touch Crunch
20 Single-Arm Snatches
20 Extended Arm Weighted Curtsy Lunges*
20 Burpees

Buy-out 300M Run

*hold a small weight directly in front you with arms extended as you complete your lunges. Be sure to keep shoulders down and away from your ears.