Welcome to the Weekend

Happy Friday! What a gorgeous Fall week this was-- how can you NOT get outside with this glorious sunshine and crisp fall air?! Reminder: our classes will be continuing through the Winter (if only sunshine would last forever), but we have a covered location to protect us from the elements, while still enjoying the brisk air. See you at the courts? I sure hope so!


Four Rounds

6 Traveling Burpees with perfect push-up
8 Half-Turkish Get Ups
10 Birddogs
12 Glute Bridges

6 Minute AMRAP

Do one full round on one side, then switch to the other side. 

10 Single Arm Row
10 Tricep Extension
10 Side Plank Reaches

5 Minute AMRAP

Lateral Bear Crawl 10yrds, Down and Back
10 Single Arm Sit-ups
20 Jumping Jacks