Strength Day!

Happy Monday, Booty Campers! It's our last week at Irving Park, so let's make it the best week, yah? 

Partner Workout

4 Rounds Each
15 Banded Squats
30 Mountain Climbers

One partner will start with squats, while the other does mountain climbers. If one finishes their movement before the other, they will hold a plank until it's time to switch. 

Sprint and Press 

Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes rotate between the following: 

A: 30M Sprint (one basketball court length)
B: 8 strict press with fitness sausage

After completing one exercise, rest until the start of the next 30 second interval. 

Thrusters and Bear Crawls and Ski Abs, OH MY!

AMRAP 7 Minutes:
8 Thrusters with Fitness Sausage
25' Lateral Bear Crawl
8 Ski Abs (Sub: 16 Mountain Climbers)
25' Lateral Bear Crawl

Bonus Abs! 

Alternating Tabata
Hollow Reaches
Reverse Crunches