January Member Feature: Meet Sasha

We have some incredible folks in our community, and this month, we are highlighting the one and only Sasha! 

Sasha has been working out with Portland Outdoor Fitness since July 2017, high-fiving folks at both the 6am and 7am classes. We are incredibly lucky to have her positive attitude and commitment to inspire us to give it our all! 

Because you can only get to know someone so well while doing burpees, I asked Sasha a few questions about her life off the court!


Let's meet Sasha! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I'm 34 and a graduate student in the public health program (Two terms away from being done!!).  I really like being active, cooking, visiting breweries, and playing with my dog, Brutus! 

Side note from Coach Liz: Brutus is one of the most excellent dogs ever. 

What did you do for exercise or a fitness routine before starting with Portland Outdoor Fitness?

Before POF, I felt like a lost puppy. I was trying to use the gym at school but didn't really care for the classes being offered or the times just didn't work out. I also commuter bike, hike, and take yoga classes to stay active.


What gets you out of bed bright and early to get to the courts?

The community of POF is great! I also really enjoy the mental and physical challenges of the daily workout!

What's your favorite workout style

Circuits! Also, Tabata and EMOM :)

What's your favorite movement? 

Squats and cleans! 

What advice would you offer someone just starting out with Portland Outdoor Fitness?

Lay your clothes out the night before, set your alarm, and sign up for class weeks in advance so you are already committed to going.

What's something people may not know about you?

I love ballet!!!

Most important question... dark chocolate, milk chocolate or no chocolate?!

Dark chocolate!

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