New Client Special: 

Winter Opt Outside Challenge

Get 6 weeks of unlimited classes, nutrition & lifestyle support and win awesome prizes for $125


The Challenge begins February 12, 2018

At POF we are all about OPTING OUTSIDE for our workouts and for play and we want to CHALLENGE you to OPT OUTSIDE, too!

Why? Because most of us aren't outside enough! Think about it. When was the last time you spent intentional time outside? Sure it's easy in the Summer, but Fall and Winter in the PNW are less than inviting if you aren't prepared. When I was working my sweet lil 9-5, the only consistent time I spent outside during Winter was walking to and from my car as I drove to sit in my windowless office.

I was depressed, I was sluggish, I wasn't the best version of myself. Sound at all familiar?

But then I started to make a point of getting outside each day, even if just for 15 minutes, even if it was raining. That's when things started to turn around.

And that's because spending time outdoors vastly improves production of vitamin D, overall cardiovascular health, energy, mood, and immune function.

Exercising outside actually makes the activity feel easier, reducing your perceived rate of exertion (without actually diminishing your work!), and some studies have suggested that athletes are more apt to return to outdoor exercise regimens than those at indoor facilities (Coon et al, 2012)

So when you say YES to getting outside you are saying YES to better moods, YES to more energy, YES to better concentration, YES to improved immune system, YES to reduced stress. When you say YES to opting outside with our Portland Outdoor Fitness crew, you are also saying YES to supportive community, YES to building strength and fitness, and YES to the best version of you.


So what are you waiting for?

I know it may sound daunting to commit to hitting the courts at 6am in the middle of February, which is why we've created this fun challenge to get you acquainted to the POF lifestyle. 

Get accustomed to opting outside for your workouts with this fun 6 week challenge, complete with unlimited workouts, weekly nutrition support to make sure you're getting the fuel you need for your active lifestyle, and accountability from your awesome, supportive community that will greet you with smiles (or at the very least, friendly yawns) early in the morning when you hit the courts.

No contracts. No obligations. Just 6 weeks of awesome. 


What does the Challenge include?


 Awesome workouts


February 12- March 31

When you sign-up for our new client Opt Outside Challenge, you'll get unlimited POF bootcamp classes February 12- March 31.  Classes are offered each weekday morning at Alberta Park. Worried about rain or snow? Don't fret! Our classes are held under a large covered structure that protects us from the elements. We get the benefit of listening to the rain, without getting soaked! Yes, Winter mornings can be dark and brisk, so it's recommended to dress in easily removeable layers, hats and gloves. Our space is well-lit and once we get moving, you won't be cold! 


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


Exercise is just one piece of the health puzzle; nutrition and lifestyle also have substantial impacts on our health. Each week, you'll receive an email with nutrition tips, recipes and simple shifts you can make to better support your active lifestyle and promote overall health. 


Supportive Community


Community is at the heart of what we do with Portland Outdoor Fitness. From happy hours to hikes, we have events each month to help you connect with new friends. Early morning workouts are much more fun if you know the person sweating next to you. High-five! 


And of course, what's a challenge without PRIZES!

By attending classes, sharing your outdoor adventures on social media or attending one of our community events, you'll earn entries into random prize drawings. Every two weeks, a winner will be drawn to win prizes from Vital Proteins, Equip, Rogue, Thrive Market, and more. 

For a limited time, new clients get 6 weeks of unlimited classes Feb 12-March 31, nutrition & lifestyle support and awesome prizes, for just $125.

Questions before you jump in? Ask away! 

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